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Hopeless Dreamer by SsGirlo Hopeless Dreamer :iconssgirlo:SsGirlo 5,714 284
The Ends of Worlds - 2:1
Demyx wasn't sure how long he'd been unconscious, if he had been. All things considered, it seemed awfully likely. But that was only a minor detail; what counted for more was that he was still alive, still in pain, and still aboard the TARDIS. And, he was reasonably sure, he could distantly hear that grinding noise that meant the TARDIS was either taking off or landing. Since the Doctor had promised a hospital, and he didn't remember a hospital yet, it damn well better have been landing. Though if the Doctor had decided to screw him over, and was just going off wherever he pleased...well, there wasn't a blessed, damned, or morally neutral thing Demyx could do about it except portal home, get Vexen's help, and try to put together a real rescue mission, but...Gods above, it was bad enough that Axel was trapped on that dying world without even more of the Organization being in danger, and if a rescue mission had to be carried out in real time, it might already be too late. Besides, the Do
:iconvanshirakasores:VanshiraKasores 10 3
The Ends of Worlds - 2:2
"Doc, if we ever get out of here alive and I wouldn't get in trouble for doing so, there's this guy I wish I could introduce you to."
"Hmm? Who might that be?"
"His name is Zexion," Demyx said, pondering the chessboard currently being displayed on his bed tray/tablet, wondering what move he could possibly make that wouldn't lose him the game in five moves or less, and blessing whoever was genius enough to include games on it for patients to play when they got bored. "He is the best chess player I know, but I have to wonder how badly he'd be thrown off by the changed rules. I'd hate to see how he'd react to some of the multidimensional chessboards."
"Really?" the Doctor said casually, as Demyx finally made a move and he countered it without even seeming to think about it. "I have to ask, who's the second-best?"
"It used to be me, until about eight moves into this game. Now I'm in third..."
"Well, for not playing by the same rules you're used to, you're not doing any too badly," the Doct
:iconvanshirakasores:VanshiraKasores 8 2
The Ends of Worlds - 2:3
"Come on, Doc, what are you running from?" Demyx asked, pressing his face against a window with that same twisted smile, as the Doctor did his level best to lock the door quickly, while the two of them were on different sides of it, and quickly discovered that it didn't lock. "I'm not that scary. I'm just an ordinary Nobody..."
"Ordinary is relative," the Doctor said, hastily glancing back to make sure Yin was still all right - she looked terrified, but yes, she was - and to see if there were any sort of shades on the windows he could use to block the view in. After all, Demyx hadn't made a dark rift from his room to here until he'd seen the hallway through his tablet - and wasn't that the sort of stupid mistake that would keep you awake at night for weeks kicking yourself. He should have done his level best to conceal his surroundings, not simply show them off...
And now you just let a half-crazed Meanwhile loose in a hospital and led him straight to the nursery. Well done, you.
:iconvanshirakasores:VanshiraKasores 7 12
Kingdom Hearts Christmas Song Spectacular
Good evening everybody. You may know me as Sora. The main protagonist who wield the mighty Keyblade.
[Riku clears throat]
We, all of us here at Kingdom Hearts would like to wish you a Merry Christmas.
Or a Happy Hanukkah!
Happy St. Stephen's Day!
What about Kwanzaa?
Silly Roxas. There is no black people in Japamerica.
[A Shadow Heartless became sad]
Yo. Yo. Wha do ya mean there's no black people in Kingdom Hearts? Wha about yours truly?
For the last time you idiot. You're not black. You're not even Asian.
Sorry big brother. Better luck next time.
That sucks yo!
Can we move on? This sweater is itchy.
Ok, we've prepared a musical holiday greeting that we would like to sing for you.
Dem-Dem. Would you mind start the music?
:iconancientwisemon:AncientWisemon 43 18
Princess Diana by davinci3835 Princess Diana :icondavinci3835:davinci3835 119 74 Experiment in Kindness Part One by brandondayton Experiment in Kindness Part One :iconbrandondayton:brandondayton 1,952 49
Dear You
Dear You
You are a hurricane.
You are a volcano.
You are a flurry of beautiful violence;
A plume of volcanic ash cast into the sky.
You are all the voices of the world;
A scream and a whisper and a sigh.
You are the beauty of the earth;
An exquisite wildfire, divine in its destruction.
And you are so strong.
You are stronger than this weight on your shoulders,
You are stronger than this emptiness in your chest,
You are stronger than all these things that dare get in your way.
You will charge past these things;
These regrets, these desires, these insecurities.
You will get through every pitfall and mistake and slipup,
And you’ll be made better for it.
You are unbeatable, unconquerable and unstoppable.
Every obstacle, an opportunity,
Every failure, a lesson.
You will beat this because you are better than this.
You will beat this because you are you.
And that is a powerful thing.
:icontribble-of-doom:tribble-of-doom 1,075 205
Last Moment by AkilaChione Last Moment :iconakilachione:AkilaChione 639 63 Asuna - SAO by valiryn Asuna - SAO :iconvaliryn:valiryn 333 28 King by Quadraro King :iconquadraro:Quadraro 31 6 Castle by Quadraro Castle :iconquadraro:Quadraro 45 7 Sword Art Online ` Yuki Asuna[PP] by JamesxpGFX Sword Art Online ` Yuki Asuna[PP] :iconjamesxpgfx:JamesxpGFX 96 4 Sword Art Online by ryetou Sword Art Online :iconryetou:ryetou 1,569 88 DC - Gospel Truth by ZOE-Productions DC - Gospel Truth :iconzoe-productions:ZOE-Productions 497 66

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Hi everyone! I've been away for quite some time now but I do not believe I'm ready to come back to dA yet. I've been caught up in life and I've lost all of my creativity. Although I do have several unfinished projects, I won't be able to finish them any time soon. Despite my inactivity, I will be on every once in a while to check up on things, answer messages and to clear out my inbox. Thanks! :la:


Niim // Meg
United States

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Cog Mini Pixel by Gasara Thanks for stopping by and checking out my page! It's much appreciated.
Cog Mini Pixel by Gasara I'm currently a college student so my time is limited. Please be patient with me!
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Cog Mini Pixel by Gasara You can call me Meg or Niim. Whichever you prefer.

- About Me -

Cog Mini Pixel by Gasara I can speak un peu de français and I am trying to teach myself Welsh.
Cog Mini Pixel by Gasara I live in the Midwestern region of the United States where there's no happy medium.
Cog Mini Pixel by Gasara I love talking to and meeting new people so please don't be shy!
Cog Mini Pixel by Gasara I'm classified as Ivy [❃] for the Celtic Zodiac.
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